About Our Practice

Located in the beautiful Miami, FL, our state-of-the-art practice was built on a vision of approaching plastic surgery with a holistic mindset, balancing your emotions, spirituality, and mind with your body. Our experienced staff at Gaia Plastic Surgery provides clients with caring and personalized service to help them reach their cosmetic plastic surgery goals.

Dr. Julio Clavijo-Alvarez’s practice is centered around meeting your wellness and lifestyle goals combining expert techniques and innovative technologies with over 15 years of experience and research to produce stunning and satisfying results.

At Gaia Plastic Surgery, our mission is to balance innovative, modern technologies with our warm, caring manner and individual attention that we are known for. Our staff is treated like family, and we extend that treatment to our patients. When you are in our care, we treat you like a member of our own family, showing you the same attention, respect, and care.

Our nursing and administrative staff receive thorough, consistent is held to the highest standards of courtesy and competence. We take pride in having an experienced and caring staff to ensure our clients are comforted and relaxed throughout their entire experience with our practice.

Our holistic approach to matching the balance of your emotions, spirituality, and mind with your body sets us apart from other plastic surgery practices, as does our caring and personalized achievement of your plastic surgery goals.

We want our patients to feel good in their own skin, and to do that, we go deeper than just outward appearance, helping to match the balance of your mind, spirituality emotions with your body. This balance of all these elements also helps us within our practice, allowing us to reach our highest potential for our clients.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Miami Florida

We specialize in non-invasive and invasive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Miami Florida. Unlike many other practices, we personalized your care by making sure that we understand your goals.


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