Preparing Your House Post-Surgery

Author; Gaia Plastic Surgery 2021-05-25

In addition to meeting with your doctor and mentally preparing yourself for surgery, you should also make sure your home is comfortable and accessible for you when you return home from your procedure.

For procedures such as breast augmentation surgery, you will be sore and moving slowly the first few days of recovery, so it is crucial to get your home, family, and wardrobe ready for a smooth recovery.

Form a recovery crew.

On surgery day and at least 24 hours after, you will need the assistance of another adult. This trusted person will be tasked with driving you to the surgery location, help you in and out of the car after surgery, and will need to keep an eye on you for 24 to 48 hours as your anesthesia wears off.
The person you appoint to this job can be a family member, spouse, or close friend. If you live alone or want to keep your procedure private, you may consider hiring a nurse to help with your recovery.

Arrange for full-time childcare.

It is recommended that you arrange full-time childcare for at least the first few days, with extra help scheduled for a few weeks after that. You will be restricted from lifting anything over ten pounds to prevent straining your incisions or stretching your scars. This means that you will not be able to pick up your children during recovery. Have a trusted adult feed, bathe, dress, and send the kids off to school while you recover.
If you have pets, you will need to avoid walking your dog or cleaning out the litter box. Allow your children to help with pet care or ask for the help of a trusted friend or family member.

Meal prep or enlist someone’s help to cook.

Keeping a nutritious diet during recovery will help you heal faster and feel better sooner. To save money on take-out, consider stocking up your fridge and prepping your meals for at least a few days since you will be unable to drive while taking your prescription pain medication.
Take the time to prep and portion out meals such as soups, meat and veggies, and casseroles that are easy to pop in the microwave to reheat. You can also ask a friend or family member to cook meals for you. Provide them with the ingredients ahead of time, so they are prepared.

Create a comfortable area to rest.

As you recover, rest is critical to healing. Designate an area in your home that is easy for you to get into and out of without straining your arms and allows you to freely move your legs. You also want to choose a spot where you are not at risk of rolling over on your chest while sleeping.
Be sure to rest on your back with your head and chest slightly elevated to avoid putting pressure on your implants and straining the incisions. Choose an area where you can easily access a table with your phone, water, tablet, etc., as well as the light switch.
Your rest area should also have room for you to get up and move around to help you minimize your risk of stiffness and blood clots.
You will also want to make sure that in your rest area and throughout the home that all of your necessities, such as skincare and your toothbrush, are placed at waist height to help avoid straining or overreaching.

Add button-up tops to your wardrobe.

To avoid straining our incisions, you will want to avoid pulling shirts or sweaters over your head during recovery. Before surgery, purchase items such as wrap dress, button-up PJs, open front or button-up sweaters, and button-up shirts. You will also need to add a few bras to your wardrobe. You will need a front-close bra that is soft and supportive.

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