Liposuction to Upper Thighs, Abdomen, Flanks and Arms

Dr. Alvarez is simply amazing. This is now my 3 procedure with him. I have had blepharoplasty, rhinoplasty and most recently liposuction on my upper thighs, abdomen, flanks and arms. I am so amazed at the result I have from the liposuction so far post op at 3 months. I worked out 6 days a week and could not get the body I wanted. Dr. Alvarez took a great amount of time with me to discuss what I wanted and how he will go about helping me achieve my goal. The day of surgery he met with me to prep me for the surgery as well as ease any fears I may have had. After surgery I felt way better than I anticipated as far as any pain or discomfort, so I knew he took the time to gently and methodical remove the fat. As usually he always calls you in the evening to check up on you and how you are feeling. He made himself available to me at anytime to call him if I was concerned about anything. Then I had my first post op appointment. Wow! I could not believe what I was seeing only a few days after surgery. My body shape was already looking great. I have since been able to go back to the gym. I had already saw amazing results from Dr. Alvarez but with my work out I saw my body look way better than I could have imagined. I would have never seen the results of my workout if it had not been for Dr. Alvarez. His demeanor and expertise is in a class of its own with how excellent he is.

Breast Cancer

I consider it a blessing to have gone on my breast cancer journey with Dr. Clavijo and his staff. His knowledge and surgical skills allowed my to put my total trust in him. Dr. Clavijo answered every question and concern I had about my illness. His kindness, compassion, and sense of humor took the horribleness out of a devastating diagnosis.

Perfect Breast Augmentation

I received a breast augmentation with Dr.Clavijo over a month ago and I couldnt be happier with my results. I went from an A to a D and they look so perfect and natural! He honestly is expert and truly takes pride in his work. He knows what looks best as well as what’s the safest for your body. Some doctors will just do whatever you request no matter what the outcome is but not him. Also he is very patient and caring before and especially after you’re surgery. He’ll call and check up on you multiple times after your surgery and also have you come in if you have any concerns like I did. I will definitely recommend him to anyone wanting a breast augmentation!

Fantastic Doctor and Experience!

I had wanted a tummy tuck for years but was afraid. I finally decided to go ahead after a great consultation with Dr. Clavio-Alverez. I had the procedure this March 2020, that included muscle tightening and liposuction.
I was expecting a hard recovery from what people told me and what I had read. I’m still amazed at the results and how pain-free the procedure was. I was feeling great by the second week. I’m 53 and have a “few” extra pounds:) so I was expecting to be satisfied but I ended up completely thrilled. I can’t believe how contoured my middle looks!
The staff is friendly and helpful and Dr. Clavio-Alverez always gets right back quickly with answers to any questions.
I’d highly recommend this doctor!

I Could Not Possible Be Happier with my Experience and the Results!!

I could not possibly be happier with my overall experience at Renova! The staff, environment, and Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez were extremely welcoming and kind. I received a rhinoplasty from him and am ecstatic with the result. I never imagined it would turn out as amazing as it did and I will be forever grateful for this experience! Following my surgery, Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez gave me his personal phone number and called me once i was settled in at home just to check in and see if I had any questions, which was extremely appreciated. I can’t imagine ever having even close to a better experience anywhere else than Renova!

Amazing Experience

I had a breast reduction by Dr. Alvarez on May 4, 2020. He is such a caring doctor and he did AMAZING work! I would highly recommend him to friends & family! He explains everything and leaves nothing out.

Great First Experience!

This was my first time getting lip filler, and it couldn’t have gone better. Getting lip filler was something I had been thinking about doing for awhile, but I was always nervous since I am terrified of needles. I felt no pain, and was completely at ease the entire time thanks to Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez. He explained step by step what he was doing, and went very slowly. The results are natural and I have had no bruising!

Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez is the Greatest!

Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez is amazing! A girl I work with recommended him for a breast augmentation and I immediately felt comfortable with him. He was very patient through my decision process and was realistic about expectations and sizing options for my frame. I started as an A cup and decided to proceed with silicone under the muscle. I was able to get in for surgery pretty quickly and the recovery process was surprisingly very easy! Very minimal down time and much less painful than I was anticipating. I am now 6 weeks out and so happy with my results! I feel much more confident and EVERYTHING fits me much better. Dr. Clavijo-Alvarez does an amazing job and makes sure you feel safe and comfortable in the healing process – he was always quick to respond to my questions! If I had to do it all over again I would choose him again in heart beat!

Amazing Experience All Around! (27yo who was looking to get a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty)

Just a small update with pictures, obviously still healing (2 weeks post op) I love my results! All of my initial problem areas were addressed exactly as I wanted them to be. I wanted to still look like myself without the “overdone” look especially for my nose. Everything is healing great. I’m happy with my 2 week post op results, so I’m excited to see everything once everything completely settles into place. I started as 34B on my breasts and went with 300cc implants I didn’t want them too large or small.. I’m 5’3” 115lbs so they fit well on my frame and I’m very happy with those as well.

He did a spectacular job with me best decision ever

First of all, I would say that Dr. Clavijo is an artist. He did a spectacular job with me, I feel like A brand new human being. I had a breast lift surgery in January. I was 200 and I lost 50 pounds so my boobs were down and I’m 22 years old so I was very insecure about it. I was so nervous about this surgery because you are spending money without a guarantee of the results, I was afraid of not loving my results even though I knew the doctor is amazing. Right after I woke up of the anesthesia I heard the doctor’s voice and I was like “Doctor is that you?” He said “yes” I answered: “tell me the truth and be honest, it’s okay if you say 7-8/10 can you tell me how they look?” He answered: 12/10. Today after 4 weeks, HE IS THE BEST, 12/10 was super modest, it’s 100000/10. He gave me my confidence back. My boobs are AMAZING. He is so patient and on top of everything. I can text him and he would answer me immediately. He call me 3 hours after my surgery to check on me. I’m so happy with my decision, his hands are magical. Such a great team Tina is a doll and she’s on top everything. I would go through this process 100 times again if I could. I asked about getting implants and he was like NO you are young and you don’t need it definitely the “money” is not his motor, he’s thinking about you. I’m a new person, I feel 22 again. He gave me back my confidence.

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HD liposuction refers to a series of advanced techniques in liposuction that are used to sculpt the body while.