He did a spectacular job with me best decision ever

Author; Gaia Plastic Surgery 2021-05-25

First of all, I would say that Dr. Clavijo is an artist. He did a spectacular job with me, I feel like A brand new human being. I had a breast lift surgery in January. I was 200 and I lost 50 pounds so my boobs were down and I’m 22 years old so I was very insecure about it. I was so nervous about this surgery because you are spending money without a guarantee of the results, I was afraid of not loving my results even though I knew the doctor is amazing. Right after I woke up of the anesthesia I heard the doctor’s voice and I was like “Doctor is that you?” He said “yes” I answered: “tell me the truth and be honest, it’s okay if you say 7-8/10 can you tell me how they look?” He answered: 12/10. Today after 4 weeks, HE IS THE BEST, 12/10 was super modest, it’s 100000/10. He gave me my confidence back. My boobs are AMAZING. He is so patient and on top of everything. I can text him and he would answer me immediately. He call me 3 hours after my surgery to check on me. I’m so happy with my decision, his hands are magical. Such a great team Tina is a doll and she’s on top everything. I would go through this process 100 times again if I could. I asked about getting implants and he was like NO you are young and you don’t need it definitely the “money” is not his motor, he’s thinking about you. I’m a new person, I feel 22 again. He gave me back my confidence.

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