Why Choose Gaia

Why Choose Gaia

Gaia Plastic Surgery is dedicated to providing you with a safe and comfortable experience. Our staff will work closely with you to learn about your needs and present you with the options that best suit your aesthetic goals.

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Meeting with the Doctor and his team what to expect during the process of choosing Gaia Plastic Surgery.

At Gaia plastic surgery we believe in simplifying the processes related to your plastic surgery needs. We also believe that preparation and knowledge related to your procedures can not be sacrificed.

Usually, our patients are attracted to our practice by word of mouth. Former patients of us are the heart of referrals and promoters of our practice.

After we get a request for a consultation, we request information related to the health status of our patients. It is particularly important to be in good health to undergo elective surgery. If revisionary surgery is intended, we like to have operative reports of the original procedure. Preparation and attention to every detail are key for successful outcomes.



What to expect during the first consultation

Either online or physically, we are focus on understanding our patient’s goals and desired outcomes to achieve. We always try to explore further than the physical status of our patients. The secret to our success is the connection with our patients. Understanding the struggles, the difficulties and the efforts is what allows us to guide better the process to a better outcome.

We strive to address the multiple components of change. Surgery is not the solution to all our problems. There is no magic pill that fixes it all. In the same way, cosmetic plastic surgery requires the support of other areas, such as nutrition, emotional support, and psychological endurance.

Once we understand the goals, we formulate a personalized plan to achieve those goals. We do NOT believe in selling dreams. We work extremely hard to provide a comprehensive plan to walk the pathway of achieving your goals. We have worked with hundreds of patients who have successfully achieved their physical changes with our help. In our minds, helping and guiding you usually makes the journey a memorable pathway to success.

You will have a detailed description of your procedure. We will show you several patients that have undergone the procedure of your interest. We discussed the potential complications attached to your surgery. Transparency is always a key element to everything that we do. We also believe that having you actively participating in your own change is the safest and more successful pathway of long-term sustainable change.



Is this for me and am I ready to commit to the procedure?

After your consultation, many questions will be answered. Our method is designed to educate you and giving you the tools to navigate through your process. On several occasions, you will be able to discern between valuable online information that may be relevant or valuable to your needs. We always leave an open door to answer questions that may arise after our consultation. Once again, the more informed that you are the better the process would be.


Second Consultation

Most patients seem satisfied with the amount of information that they get during our consultation. However, we always encourage a second consultation to answer additional questions. We encourage the finetuning of your physical and emotional condition in preparation for your surgery. If a targeted weight loss is needed in preparation for your surgery, we aim to do checkpoints ahead of the surgery. Close support and guidance is usually the most effective way to reach your goals. Small consistent changes are more effective and sustainable than drastic or radical ones.



from both the Patient and the Doctor for success

During our consultation, we will be able to determine if you are a good candidate for the procedure. If you feel that our method is something that resonates with you, we will start the preparation for the big day.

Your commitment is key for long-lasting change. We will support you in every aspect, this is our commitment to you. However, we expect you to be an active part of your transformation. We believe in changing lives for the long term. Some people use surgery as a tool to correct poor lifestyle choices. In our experience, those patients usually are never successful in the long run. Cosmetic plastic surgery should be simply a complementary tool to finish the transformation. It is not the transforming keystone. If your heart is in it, we will be more successful in helping you carve the “awesome” within.



What to expect general

We will make sure that you are a good candidate for the procedure. Laboratories and clearances may be needed if there are medical health concerns. Once you select your day of surgery, we will be available to answer any question prior to it.

The surgery center will contact you the week before to confirm your medical health status. They will also contact you the day before, to provide directions to the surgery center.

I will meet you on the day of surgery and I will ask you if you have any last-minute questions. Then we will proceed to do the markings related to your procedure. During the surgery, we will give updates to your companion. On the date of your surgery, I will give you a call to confirm that everything is evolving as planned.



What to expect General

The recovery process tends to be uncomfortable. As expected, surgery will be associated with tenderness. We have developed a pain management method that is highly effective in 95% of our patients. We believe in being ahead of the pain and not chasing it. We use a multimodal method of pain control.



What to expect general

Transformation always starts within. We do not believe that we transform people. We are simply the instrument that allows you to flourish. If you do not have it within, what we do usually do not last for the long run.


Continued Care

Relationship - What that means to the Doctor

The sacred commitment between us and our patients is founded on connecting with people. Early on in my practice, I promised to see each patient as a loved member of my family. This motto has always guided me in offering the most sensitive and adequate options to almost every single patient. We are human beings before we are restrained in the world of titles and achievements. Only when you can see others as close to you, the answers are the most adequate.

In some cases, there is also the possibility of tough love ruled by kindness. Only when you care 1000%, you can guide with sincerity and transparency. I can say that during all these years of practicing my profession, I have developed sincere relationships with my patients. We share more than the connection of our before and after pictures.



Once we are done with surgery, you will come to see me between 3 days to 7 days after your surgery. In some cases, we need to see each other weekly for the first month if drains are involved.

Then I like to see my patients at 6 weeks, 3 months, 6 months, 1 year, and yearly until they are tired of seeing me. I will always be available to see you if there are any concerns or questions related to your surgery.

Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Miami Florida

We specialize in non-invasive and invasive Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Miami Florida. Unlike many other practices, we personalized your care by making sure that we understand your goals.


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